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Writing process

By October 9, 2021September 16th, 2022No Comments

My writing process includes three components: reading, observation and spirituality: reading for literary technique, observation for subject matter, and spirituality for purpose (which is to reconnect with source and with each other). I typically work on literary matters early in the morning and then late at night, and I spend much of the time reading rather than composing. At the high point of writing the book, I was effectively working two jobs, which generated tremendous strain over time. At my best, I would try to polish the work during composition to minimize the need for later revision. As much as I love writing in the moment, that much I dislike revising out of the moment. On the other hand, the more you do something, the better your technique, and the impulse to go back and revise earlier pieces is, regrettably, natural. Some of the pieces in Love | Source | Joy have been revised so many times as to be unrecognizable compared to the original drafts. Others have not been touched at all and are as they originally came in. The goal of the reading is to prime the mind to become a better transcription machine, so that thought, diction and syntax are flowing in a heightened, authentic, and creative way. When the verse is coming in, how do you resolve the ideas into the prettiest lines capable with the least amount of revision? This is the effort.