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Birth of Poetry

By October 5, 2021September 16th, 2022No Comments

In the Birth of Tragedy, Nietzsche describes the artist as retreating into the Apollonian world of dreams and visions to confront Dionysian forces of annihilation under more acceptable aspect. The artistic impulse, then, is born of the reaction to brutality projected into imaginative states. There are parallels with how A Course in Miracles describes the projection of this world: an illusory mind, thinking that it has separated from its source, believes its source is coming to destroy it (which fear it uses as proof that the separation occurred, validating its illusory existence). In the ensuing state of terror, it projects a world of highly fragmented separation in which to hide. The fabrication of our world is born of the reaction to imagined brutality further projected by the mind.

The word ‘poet’ originally meaning ‘maker,’ one is tempted to see the making of fictional worlds as projection within projection within projection. All levels of the mind, though, are susceptible to correction by a higher level aware of endless source. The projections of poetry can be used to point to truth, and this is my project with Love | Source | Joy. As an aside, for readers of Borges, I believe his use of the tiger symbolizes the Dionysian level; the labyrinth, the Apollonian.