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Ikhnaton and Source Culture

By October 2, 2021September 16th, 2022No Comments

The Pharoah Ikhnaton is said to have brought in the great artists of the Minoan Civilization, the Picassos of their day, to teach the artisans at his court to produce a new art: flowing, curvy figures, more naturalistic, more in tune with source. The stern display of belligerent power favored by prior rulers he replaced with domestic scenes of pharoah and queen playing with their daughters. It was an incredible moment: a culture dedicated to its connection with source, radiating out through its governance, its arts, its mission. Our source is like the sun, always shining. And yet what is everything cannot be symbolized. The Aten, then, is a symbol of our memory of our eternal oneness with source. When we think in accordance with this memory, our experience of the phenomenal world is radically different.