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Mysticism and Poetry

Etymologically, mysticism refers to secret knowledge into which one must be initiated. Part of the mind knows that we are forever one with our source, and that part of the mind must initiate the remainder, which believes that we are entities separate both from our source and from each other….

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Imitation as Poetic Technique

Mimesis, or imitation, is a critical method for creating word music. Imagine you are setting up an easel to paint what you see before you, but with words. I take photographs of things, not very interesting as photographs in themselves, but to capture details that I may write about later….

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Verse is Music

Verse is a form of music. Words are selected as much for sound as for meaning. It is rhythmic, and the sounds of its flowing words produce varied cadences and harmonies. It evokes feelings the way music moves us, even if silently performed in the mind. It transmits mood directly,…

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Beginning Love | Source | Joy

In the summer of 2018, unforeseen circumstances had turned my life upside down. In a period of disorientation, I found myself writing again, after a twelve-year hiatus. By October 2018, I was drafting what would become, after numerous revisions, the first poem included in Love | Source | Joy, “Illuminations.” I…

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