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21. Twenty-First Hymn

By May 27, 2021April 23rd, 2022No Comments

Bless oh my being my Being, all source, all life,
Infinity extending, wholly joyous
And ceaselessly creative, Who now dawns
Lovely in light fields, shimmer-garmented,
With dazzling rays that rosy wash the buildings,
That warm the granite, piercing flash-reflected
The glass, the mirrors crystalline; they flow,
Vast waters nourishing all things, the beams
You emanate, sky-flooding waves that would
All peoples gladden, comforting; Who blinks
Traversing earth than thought-speed faster, here,
Now there at will, as clouds You glancing gather,
Disperse, all planes and times Your vessels crossing,
Dimensions, all; Who brightens everywhere;
Jumbled the mix of bristly hills, the structures,
The desert valleys richly planted, roads
That ramp on columns, multi-graded, rising
At curvy junctions, strain decayed as stream
All traffic lanes, all start and stop in You,
The crafted metals flare Your rapid splendors;
I, early rising, city wander squinting,
With little sleep, my evening troubles weighing,
But drowsily to work rote labors go,
And do not see; if I my drab awareness
Could swiftly shift, the body, heart-elated,
I’d leap, all soul in jubilee I’d lift;
The mazy passages the heaps of trash
More densely piling line and pigeons pick
Beneath, of scraggly palms, the dwindling ribbons
That wither trailing from the trunks, they soak
Your sustenance, pristinely gleaming, all,
Though harsh the sun that burning dries them, drawn
Midway along its fiery circuit, winds
That parch the heated surface sending; sprigs
From pavement cracks in-rooted Who entices
To spring and leaves unfurl and budding bloom
Suffusing color through the tender petals,
Resolving all potentials toward Your warmth,
Your boundless love; our daughter yet unborn
Who knows, in Whom reclining, swaddled softly,
She thinks You and is thought by You, and we,
Her parents, too; the oceans teeming leap
Alive with You, the briny surf that breaking
Pummels the shores, Whose droplets, tidal spray
Wind-glistening, the face now freshen, glimmer
Now magnify, as ships Your liquid canvas
Engine across; the dolphins mind-connected,
That sleekly skim the undulance and beam
Among them agile knowings, easeful move
In Your placidities; the blue whales boldly
Up-submarine from darker depths to glide
The waters parting, tail the foamy wake
Behind them turning, all astonished leave,
All self I’d lose in Your grand magnitudes;
My mind to Your vast channels, may it be
Ever attuned, Your rays, while eye I use
To see will see and voice to name will name,
You ever-center of my always thoughts,
Until we joining disappear within You,
Formless, expansive, endless, knowing: One.